Fel Forum Fiction #4

Moonstrider rode into Stormwind Keep unafraid of what he would find.

The heralds were heaping praise upon those who were strong enough to defend the king.  He tipped his hat to the priest he had met in passing and watched as his pet cat Luna froze in her tracks, hackles raised.

That was not a priest to trifle with right now.


Fel woke to his hearthstone vibrating itself off his desk.  It landed squarely on Kartik’s head, who then lit the sleeping mage’s tail on fire as a retaliatory assault.

Kartik wasn’t one to care if the mage hadn’t done it, nor was he smart enough to really figure out what it was.

As Fel’s vision cleared he saw a mage with a frosty tail and bloodshot eyes… and an imp trapped in a block of ice

The blueprints he’d been studying were unfortunately slightly damp… and adhered to his face as he sat upright suddenly and got his bearings.

Frowning, he gingerly peeled the lightly damp blueprints off the side of his face.  That’s what he got for letting a drunk mage take over his bed he supposed… especially when he didn’t bother calling said mage’s mate.

The hearthstone continued to lightly vibrate from within its own ice cube.

Extracting his gnomish army knife from a fold in his robes he quickly shattered the ice with a well aimed knock and answered.

Yes, he should have called the priest.

Maetres did not control a loud or violent anger, only a smoldering one.  Fel wondered if all space goats believed in reincarnation like some of their shaman did.

He doubted it.  But if they did, he knew she would have been a frostfire mage in another life.

Once she knew he was listening there was a simple, icey question: “Where is Draconious?”

“Darnassus,” Fel answered simply.

“Tell him he better be standing in the mage tower in 30 seconds,” Maetres instructed.

“Sounds good,” Fel gulped.  He had a feeling, with her rage this controlled, Draconious would probably rather accidentally teleport himself to the incoming charge of one hundred untrained felbeasts.

Once he knew the hearthstone was no longer magically connected he looked to the mage, who he now had pity for, and said, “Meet Maetres in Stormwind, burn whatever reagents you have to.”

The mage appeared to understand. Whether it was the look his drinking buddy’s face portrayed or an understanding of his mate’s rage, Fel didn’t know, or care.  Draconious solemnly nodded and chanted… and was gone in a flash of light.

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