Beta: Pet Battle Trainers

There was a bunch of talk about the pet battles when they went accidentally live the other day.

I got fed up with only seeing the Razor Hill trainer getting all the love and attention so I’ll give him his due.

He’s behind the smithy building across the street from Lion’s Pride Inn in Goldshire.

I did spot something else there though.

I wonder if the level 90 requirement will make it to Live or not.

A part of me hopes so and a part of me doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, then I could go and catch pets as I leveled on my alts. Build my army no matter what character I’m playing.

While if it doesn’t I can focus on leveling until 90 and then go hunting as a post level cap activity.

Yeah, it would be better for this altoholic if my new Pandaran could also go and catch pets for the chorus. We’ll wait and see.



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