Beta: Epicurean’s Award

When I logged in on my mage to test the mount stuff yesterday my mage was confronted with a message saying “received Epicurean’s Award x35”.

“What the heck are those?”

The tooltip simply says:

Visit special cooking vendors in Dalaran and the capital cities to to purchase unusual cooking recipies, spices, and even a fine hat!

Well of course this sparked the curiosity of my mage so I had to go and investigate.

Yep, confirmed that at least in Dal we’re using this new currency now.

Though a quick port then to Stormwind yielded different results.

Apparently Robby hasn’t gotten the memo quite yet. Leave it to the forward-thinking mages of Dalaran to make this kind of a switch first.

My assumption is that if Dalaran did it, the cooking dailies of the main capitols are only a patch or two away.

We’ll wait and see.


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