Warcraft Avengers Assemble!

So… which class would the Avengers be if they were in Warcraft?

Captain America

Warrior. Now I know what you’re thinking, this is rather obvious because all he needs is a sword and he’s queueing as a tank. Of course it’s obvious, that’s why I went that route.

In his movie he was most certainly the tank. He’d try to be stealthy, and did a good job of putting in some critical hits on his opponents, but at the end of the day, aside from a Heroic Throw of his shield here and there, he has to get up close and personal.

When he activates his shield block cooldown, even Thor goes flying backwards.


Shaman. There he is wielding the power of lightening and flying through the air as a forgotten bit of lore, just as Shaman of both factions were when they started out.

The Dwarves, after all, only recently embraced this piece of forgotten history when the Wildhammer rejoined Ironforge.

He can even charge up Iron Man’s suit. I’d call that a heal.

 Iron Man

Warlock. Wait, what?

Think about it. He’s a caster for the most part, or at least that’s how he’s portrayed in the movies. He can’t be a mage, they’re too much like a glass cannon. This guy can take some punishment. His minion Jarvis is a constant computer companion while he uses strange runes, formulas, and spells to create new weapons, armor, and attacks.

Add the Engineering profession to the mix like I did for my warlock and perhaps you can start to get a feel for it. His morals are sometimes a bit suspect too… just like a warlock.

I bet Tony Stark would be highly offended by reading that, and I don’t mind that at all.

Black Widow

Monk. And I bet you didn’t think I’d work in one of the main themes of this site, did you?

Just look at this clip.

Does that say anything but Monk to you? Clearly not a healing or tanking spec though. Not a woman to be underestimated.

(None of them ever are…)


Hunter. Now that’s my cop-out. The guy carries a bow, shoots various arrows, each that do different things. Marksman spec for sure. I know he doesn’t have a pet but he’s no rogue. I do kind of wonder where his mask and all the purple went in this version…


Druid. Just hear me out on this one: he shapeshifts.

He’s the only one of the Avengers that does… at least this iteration of Avengers.

In “caster” form he’s a brilliant scientist, but in Hulk form he’s a rage powered tank.

Sure Captain America uses a shield, but this guy doesn’t need any of that nonsense, he just needs a really thick hide (albeit not a furry one) and charges into the fray unconcerned that anything will actually be capable of hurting him.

So what do you think? What class do you think your favorite hero is? Batman is certainly a rogue with the engineering profession, wouldn’t you think?


PS. Also, a special thanks to IMDB and the respective owners of the characters and imagery I’m using above.

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