Called it! Account Wide Mounts

Now I was thinking about this very issue earlier this week. Not that it’s much of a surprise, but it is a pleasant one.

Fel Concentration already posted my feelings on the matter though: don’t mess with class mounts!

Warlocks, Paladins, and Death Knights all have very unique and specific mounts that represent their classes. Putting a mage on a Dreadsteed or a paladin on a Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade seems somehow wrong to me.

It’s unnatural.

The blasted thing says “Death Knight” right on it for crying out loud. 

As I wrote on the Fel Concentration’s comments though, I expect we’re going to find an intrepid addon creator who agrees with us out there and either hides these class specific mounts or popular random mount selectors will start taking into account the class/race and not allow for these if the option is picked.

They’re putting restrictions on some of the mounts so far… for instance my engineer can’t mount the flying carpets and my tailor can’t fly helicoptors. So why can’t they put a restriction on the class mounts to do something similar?

I’m sure the Worgen “Running Wild” spell isn’t going to continue to be shared into the live game though. That would be a bit silly. Supposedly it’s happening right now, though I haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

One thing I’ve noticed is this is most certainly still in the works though. Of course when I was trying out this new feature, annoyingly the achievement system was broken, but amazingly when I mounted the violet protodrake on my mage (who doesn’t currently have it) he immediately received the “Breaking the Sound Barrier” achievement.

310% speeds, here I come!

Here’s hoping that one stays in… that’s for sure.

Now, if you’re going in to test this yourself (or maybe you’re stumbling across this after Mists is already out) log in, open your mounts interface, and log out. Going in once strips your character of their mounts and makes them account wide. Going back in merges your list with that of your account list so you have everybody. It sometimes takes a login or two. It’s a beta, be patient.

Boy is it good to see my druid on the motorcycle though… and my mage on that violet protodrake!

Out of curiosity I switched servers and factions. As of this writing… that stripped me of all my mounts.


A few extra logins and I was back up and running, but only with 21 mounts. All of those mounts were either by drops (Great Brewfest Kodo), by class (Warlock Felsteed/Dreadsteed) or holidays. None of the faction related mounts cross over (not that I expected them to).

My personal feedback? Drop class/race mounts (or put them in but put a requirement like the profession ones. Otherwise I will likely try to find an addon to do it, or heck, make one myself.


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