Beta: New Character Creation Backgrounds

MMO-Champion has a new video of the newer character creation backgrounds.

I’m honestly disappointed. I like the fact that if you’re a Bloodelf you’re in Silvermoon to start and as a human you’re in Stormwind.

It’s appropriate. It reminds you of your roots.

If you’re making a Pandaran, well, I have no experience to draw from, so it looks amazing. 😀

What I would like to see instead is a dynamic character selection screen. So if you log out in Orgrimmar that’s what you see in the background. If you log out in a random Kalimdor zone you get your race specific character creation background as normal. Log out in Ironforge on your new Pandaran Monk? You see Ironforge in all its glory behind you.

That’s just my stylistic recommendation though.

The backgrounds do look like a lot of great art is in there though, so I’ll be satisfied either way (not like I’ll be making many new characters in Mists after all.)


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Your thoughts?

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