Mailbox Alert: Brew of the Month Club

So there’s this handy little achievement called Brew of the Month that likes to both haunt and reward me on the first of every month.

It’s also an achievement/award I very much plan to get on my future Pandaran Monk just because it’s only fitting to do so.

This is a great time though to go through all your alts (first of every month) and assess if you even still want them, and if not, nuke them.

Check their mailboxes, make sure they’re still guilded where you want them to be… it’s general, boring upkeep. At the same time though, it resets that nasty little ‘last logged on’ counter for both Blizzard and your guild so you won’t one day find your character sitting there with a little exclamation mark saying that you need to rename the toon.

It’s slightly a pain, but you get to watch your character be encased in ice, chased by bees or sit back down and take a nap because nothing was waiting for him/her after all.

This month’s brew is “It’s Time to Celebrate Spring” which has a chance to give you some extra flower power as you run (sprouting flowers behind you) for about 10 seconds.

So go forth and get tipsy!


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