Mists Beta: Achievements for Everyone!

Aside from the new mount/pet UI we also got to see the new achievement system start to take shape.

So I’ll first share just these two screenshots.

The first thing that stuck out to me was that the achievement point totals are the same!

That’s right, my “Anistrike” (the name I have for my druid on the beta) granted “Felstrike” (his beta name) the achievement “Cooking with Style“.

No work required on my warlock to do it.

Likewise my Anistrike received the “Get to the Choppa” without actually owning the motorcycle. Though as I pondered in my mount UI post… wouldn’t it be nice if she did eventually get it? Just saying.

It will be interesting to see how things evolve. Before we go though, let’s add one more thing to the mix: opposite faction on different server.

So I created a new level 85 premade horde Death Knight on the other US beta realm. First off, the level 90 achievement there is a bug, plain and simple. But note the little battlenet logo on the achievements as I look at it from “Anistrike”. I’ve gained more points since my last screenshot and it’s all thanks to a horde character on a totally different server!

I’d also like to point out that achievements like “Freedom of the Alliance” didn’t carry over for good reasons. If Blizzard can do that with faction specific achievements I see no reason why can’t they do it for faction/class specific mounts in the near future.

There is no further punishment to playing your alts though. That’s something I can very much appreciate.


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