Mists Beta: A Mount For All Occasions

The new user interface now available for your mounts is exciting to me.

You can see here (ignore the warlock pet bar please) that we have a much larger 3D model viewer mode on the mounts screen. The “pet journal” there is our eventual link to the pet battle system.

Oddly that was very empty… I copied characters from the live realms with the express intent of testing the pet battle system but right now the only pet registering is the wood frog. Not a very epic pet to start the process with.

This inspired some wishful thinking though. That mount panel is still very near the pet journal. Could Blizzard be pondering the idea of making mounts bind to account just like the pet system? With the groundwork being laid in Mists for the pets it certainly puts the programming in place.

My guess is we won’t see mounts being bind to account day one. There are some faction specific tweaks and they want their pet system to be all it can be first, but the writing looks to be on the wall for this one.

And that thrills me.


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