Beta: Considering Achievements for All

You know, the beta findings about achievements that we posted about earlier are awesome.

Until you consider some of the other negative ramifications as they currently stand on the beta: you can’t complete meta achievements.

So character 1 finishes requirement Y, character 2 finishes requirement X, and finally character 3 accidentally finishes requirement Z. So now, through shared achievements, you get bupkiss.

Likewise, you complete the meta on one character and proudly display the Loremaster title on your current main. Except now you can’t get any of the Loremaster steps on any other character!?

Same goes for the pet or mount collection achievements.

I’m sure it’s just the beta, but it’s things to watch for, fellow testers, and comment on, so that Blizzard is aware that this is a concern.

Maybe this will be a way to convince them to sneak in universal account wide mounts? 😉

Yeah, I know, wishful thinking.


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