Fel Forum Fiction #3

As the throng grew a familiar form to Adrinas and Irethorn became visible.  Aniendha had revealed herself on the outer edges of the fray, striking out at those that appeared to be healing and supporting their allies in the center of the throne room.

Her feral growls mixed with the howls of annoyance and pain as others began copying her and pelted the large group with a rain of ice, fire, and holy energies crackling through the floor.

As more of the alliance funneled into Stormwind Keep some of the attacking horde appeared to sense the inevitable and began slinking away as best they could.  This only hastened the deaths of those that could not run, and soon the keep was filled with the bodies of friends and foes.

Adrinas was reviving Irethorn and the other wounded who would let her when Maetres arrived.

The storm in her eyes revealed not her disappointment at missing the fight but at still not finding whatever (or whomever) it was she sought.

The pragmatic priest stormed out as quickly as she entered, gathering the alliance’s attention on a hapless undead rogue who hadn’t expected the blasts of holy energy she produced in her frustration…

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