Wowinsider sparked my imagination with this great article…

Wowinsider: 3 Windwalker Monk Abilities [From] Classic Fighting Games

It’s fun for those not in the beta (or those of us not heavily playing in the beta due to time constraints) to imagine moves like “hundred hand slap” come to life in our current favorite game.

The fact it comes in the form of a panda delivering these moves makes it just that much more satisfying.

The one thing I worry about for my future Monk is the fact that she’ll be carrying multiple sets of gear, like my druid.

The Death Knight and Paladin, in comparison, don’t really carry that much differentiated gear. Why? Because I only quest as that off dps spec (or tank in the off dps spec in the case of my DK).

We’ll have to wait and see how the Monk plays out, but what I’ve seen so far tells me I’ll have an Undead Monk Brewmaster/Windwalker and a Pandaran Mistweaver/Brewmaster.

Why the specs and combos? I find I’m traditionally either a healer or a tank. When I solo quest my style is generally to either single nuke with my mage or warlock or gather up everybody in the area and beat them all into submission.

It’s one reason I’m greatly looking forward to the AOE looting system that’s on its way. Going through the BC era dungeons for rep and achievements has been a very large pain without that feature. I’m now well-stocked on netherweave cloth though for all the future Pandaran that will be running around on the family accounts.

But tanking for me has become a more… personal experience. I want to end that. One way I know I can is if I have to choose between dps or tanking on the Undead version of my adventures into Monk. I’m a natural healer for the Alliance. It has become my calling. So what about for the Horde?

We’ll see if I can make a niche for myself out there in the wilds. It also lets me have an opportunity to see Cata stories that I’ve missed until now.


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