Fel Forum Fiction #2

With the stained, shredded, Felhunter soaked sheets neatly piled by the door and the obnoxiously tall mage snoring on the stripped bed Greenom had curled up at the foot of the bed, finally seeming to understand that one didn’t wake sleeping mages.

Fel’s Hearthstone vibrated.

“Yes?” He answered it in his normal tone, knowing full well from past experience that the mage wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Fel, did you want to meet somewhere for your flasks or do you want me to mail it?”  It was Adrinas, Draconious’ guildmaster and alchemist.  Fel often used her services to save money compared to the auction hall.

“Thank you, Adrinas.”  He quickly looked into one of his satchels, “I have plenty for now, feel free to mail it when you have the chance.”

There was a brief silence before Adrinas seemed to realize she had to verbally respond.  “Sounds good.  The horde are in Stormwind again if you can get here to help.”

Fel frowned and glanced at the sleeping mage. While he didn’t mind killing orcs when the opportunity presented itself, especially in Wintergrasp. He also didn’t want to have to pay more for the room if Draconious woke up and accidentally lit something on fire.

While mostly a student of the arcane Fel knew Draconious had a firm grasp on the now antiquated ways of the ‘frostfire mage’ as well.

“I’m going to have to pass this time. Don’t forget to use one of your flasks before you protect the king, and good luck.”  Adrinas hurumphed and disconnected.  Fel knew she didn’t approve of his less than patriotic methods.

Jeeves powered down next to his desk as Kartik began hopping about on the room’s storage trunk, trying to get comfortable for his own rest period.


Irethorn glanced at her undead minion and frowned.  The team that had assembled to defend the king was rather sparse.  Wrynn was cursing the foolishness of orcs… as usual.

She nodded a greeting to Adrinas.  They had a strong working relationship.  While Adrinas was a fellow herbalist Irethorn traditionally was the one who went out and sought the rare plants that would fuel the druid’s trade.  After running into each other one too many times in Northrend they decided that was the best course of action.

She didn’t have long to consider the business relationship she also had with Fel when the warning trumpets sounded closer than they had yet.

“For the Alliance!” Wrynn yelled as his sword clashed with a horde death knight orc.

Adrinas and Irethorn concentrated, standing side-by-side, each channeling to summon their own storms.

As a hurricane of lightning began over the crowded room a flurry of undead rose and leapt into the fray…

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