Fel Forum Fiction

Fel sat…

Fel Sat

…he sat in deep thought.

He didn’t even notice that Greenom was making yet another set of sheets irreplaceable in the Darnassus Inn.

Probably better that way… thankfully he was in good standing with the night elves or demon soiled bedsheets might cause more than a grumbling from the innkeeper.

The plans for the two-seater rocket were just too complicated to devise how to build one for himself yet.

Then that mage walked in…

Draconious wasn’t too bad, as far as Draenei mages go, but he and his ‘mate’ took life in Azeroth much too seriously. His wasn’t the only race chased from their home after all… and Fel the Gnome tried to point and laugh at life at least once a day.


“Ah, it’s ‘Brewmaster Draconious’ again,” Fel couldn’t help but cackle. But then consistently not getting tipped when doing enchanting… and not minding… Fel shrugged. He was an Engineer because he liked to make things explode.

Fortunately for Fel, Drac didn’t seem in much of a mood to talk… though unfortunately for Draconious he didn’t notice what had happened to Fel’s rented bed and before Fel could say anything he heard a loud ‘squelsh’.

Greenom yelped and scurried under Fel’s chair while Kartik was the one to cackle now.

Fel sighed, “Maetres will kill me if she finds you like this… I wish that darn dwarf never gave you his magic hat of drinks…”

Paging for his robot Jeeves… the room… and the mage… were at least clean enough for the innkeeper and the mage’s mate to be okay with everything the next day.

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