A Strider for All Seasons

So with the ‘Love is in the Air’ event we were offered a rather expensive plucked pink strider mount.

Noblegarden (which starts Easter Sunday) will give us a white “Springstrider” for 500 chocolates. You also have the chance of getting really lucky and getting one of these guys from an egg.

Here’s my thought on the matter: using a character that doesn’t have “the noble” title go forth and collect as many eggs and chocolates as you can. Once you’ve hit that magic number (365?) to get all the achievements go to the next character, and so forth. Worst case scenario, you get a bunch of toons with the achievements this way. Best case scenario? You’ve farmed the randomness factor out of the eggs and scored yourself at least one of these wonderful little mount count cushions.

Then, as the week wears on… farm up to 500 on the toon you really want the strider on if you haven’t been lucky.

At least this is how I’m considering doing it so I don’t waste chocolate hunting efforts on characters that already have the title.

Crap… nevermind, go hit your main up and do this first. This mount right now is marked BoP. If that changes, then (and only then!) follow the recommended course I just laid out.


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