Shaman Pandaran Brother’s Totems


MMO-Champion gives us what our brother’s totems will look like… probably.

Many thanks to wowinsider for spotting these out in the wild… I suppose I should start following this “Champion” myself now, eh?

Our brother pandas out there are going to follow other paths, after all. It would behoove us to not be aware of where they go in Azeroth too.

These look gorgeous.

It makes me wonder if each totem also is filled with a different flavor. We’ll have to ask them when we cross paths.



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One Response to Shaman Pandaran Brother’s Totems

  1. flameflash says:

    Amusingly, when I typed in this “Champion” on my web browser it didn’t have any idea where I was going. Seems this was the first time I’ve ever even gone to look at them since whenever it was I last reset my browser cache.


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