Pandaran Racials

Can’t choose a monk of another race without first considering what Pandaran will bring to the table.
WoWhead pulled a good group of racials from the beta for us to consider.
Bouncy: You take half falling damage.
Epicurean: Your love of food allows you to receive double the stats from Well Fed effects.
Fighting Style: The Monk’s Jab ability will change depending on what weapon is equipped, altering the Monks fighting style appearance. Damage and resource cost remain the same.
Can’t you just picture the Draenai staff flourish or something similar?
Gourmand: Your Cooking skill is increased by X.
I love the cooking skill… though I don’t see much benefit for this until, say, next expansion when you use the main city dailies to go the 15 past the maximum.
Inner Peace: Your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long as normal.
I really appreciate this one because it means I’ll be able to start my Pandaran and then switch to one of my alts and start leveling. Once I hit max rested, pop back to my Monk and keep driving hard.
Tiger Strikes <NNF>: You have a 10% chance to gain Tiger Strikes when you auto-attack, increasing your attack speed by X% and causing your next 4 auto-attacks to cause an extra attack.
Now if I only knew what “Tiger Strikes” actually did. Is this a base ability of all monks or do Pandaran just get them thanks to the bonus of being the first monks?
Way of the Monk: Dual-wield one-handed weapons: Auto-attack damage increased by 40%. Two-handed weapons: Melee attack speed increased by 40%.
I find it interesting that you’re going to be given a specific question regarding auto attack (for now, remember this is the beta) between speed and damage. I would assume the hope is that by speeding up a 2handed weapon you will hopefully do the same amount of damage if you use the same ilvl.
Suppose we’ll wait and see.
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